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Credit Application

So you want to obtain an open line of credit with Supreme Zipper Industries. If you have explored this sight in any way, you will have realized we are a fun bunch of folks who know a lot about zippers and want to service our customers as best we can. BUT, here is where we get a bit serious. We do not take giving out credit lightly, and to those we do, we seriously expect for our terms to be adhered to. We are a zipper company after all, not a bank. So if you are going to fill out a credit application, please thoroughly read our Terms of Sale and Credit in our policy section BEFORE you send it in. If you do not like what you read, cannot fulfill your part of the deal, or are not interested in a mutually beneficial business relationship that takes into account a reciprocal relationship, do not bother to send it in; we all will not be happy later. If you can agree to everything there, and actually adhere to it in the future, by all means, send in the application and we will see if your company makes the cut.

Download Our Credit Application Download Our Credit Application (78 KB)