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Supreme Zipper Services>Custom Made Zippers

Custom Made Zippers

Supreme Zipper Industries started life as strictly a zipper manufacturer back in the 1950s. More than twenty five years later, we stopped making zippers and just inventoried and distributed zippers and components. But when we built our new place in Pennsylvania in 2003, we set it up from the beginning to be a place to actually make stuff again. A good portion of the first floor of that facility is devoted to our zipper assembly area. We have many specialty machines there that only make and modify zippers. Couple those machines to really knowledgeable people and you have a great service at the ready for lots of folks who thought there were only one or two huge, impersonal companies out there to make these little beauties, dictating weeks to months for lead time. But now there is the Supreme Zipper Industries choice for custom made zippers.

We felt the need existed for a small custom factory for zipper production, and now you have it at your disposal. Our investment in the place, the machines, the people, and the effort to do it has allowed Supreme Zipper Industries to custom make the most common types of nylon and metal zippers. Now don’t get us wrong, there are many types of zippers we do not make in house, but we are always working on expanding what we can make. As far as the ones we can produce; we can make Closed End zippers in several nylon gauges as well as Closed End zippers in a few different metal gauges as well. There is even capacity to make Separators in one metal gauge as well, but it has to be well worth the set up time.

As for all the other custom made zippers we offer, they are made at factories all around the world that we have worked with for decades. Many of the factories we deal with are into their second generation with Supreme Zipper Industries. Depending on the item needed, the time frame required, and the size of the order, we have many ways to get the zippers to you. Literally any kind of zipper can be made in this fashion. There is no limit to the options we can offer when we go to our partners. Whether it be a special color, a particular configuration, a custom puller, or a new design for a combination of things, we can make it. The relationships we maintain for these services are literally an extension of our facility. Constant communication every day assures a good flow of information and new options.

If there is anything you need, have been told does not exist, or have not seen anywhere else, the custom zipper services Supreme Zipper Industries offers are just the ticket. Give us a call to discuss the special or unique project you have been working on. We will be happy to make up a run of one of a kind zippers for you!