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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
1Can I only buy finished zippers in a certain length?Multiple
2Can I visit your place of business?Multiple
3Can you help me with a custom project?Products & Services
4Can you match colors to my material or leather?Multiple
5Do you have stock at your New York showroom?Products & Services
6Do you really only sell zippers?Multiple
7Do you sell other trim items like thread and buttons?Multiple
8Do you send samples of your zippers?Multiple
9Do you stock any finished zippers?Products & Services
10How long does it take to make a custom zipper?Multiple
11How long has Supreme Zipper Industries been in business?Our Company Information
12Is there a minimum to purchase?Multiple
13What are your business hours?Our Company Information
14What if I am not in business yet but need to do research or need samples to get going on an idea?Customer Relations
15What is the best way to place an order?Customer Relations

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