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American Made>Supreme Zipper Industries and “Made in America”

Supreme Zipper Industries and “Made in America”

These days it is sad to say that most of what we use, consume, buy, or have is not made in the United States any more. America was once the largest and most advanced industrial nation in the world in terms of manufacturing. During World War Two our manufacturing sector transformed itself into a machine that was unstoppable. Every type of production plant transformed itself into whatever it needed to be to support the war efforts, and it was done in an unheard short amount of time, in almost an instant. But shortly after that time, we did what America does and helped build up other countries to lift them up by their own hand, and it is right to do so. Then we somehow got a bit too used to the good life, and less work. We found other countries willing to work for a lot less than we would, so our jobs in the manufacturing sector were sent to these other far off places. We all began to live the “want, need, gotta have” lifestyle, and we wanted it to be cheap too. So here we are, in a country that does not make most of what we consume while sending our wealth abroad in a very unbalanced way.

Although Supreme Zipper Industries is forced to buy some of what we sell from other countries, it is really not a choice. There simply are no more truly American sources for the zippers and components within the States any longer like there was thirty or forty years ago. We are doing what we can though. We do have a factory in Pennsylvania that can and does make custom runs of finished zippers. We want to do more in our facility and it is our goal to always keep some manufacturing in house; even expand it if we can. We do call ourselves an American company for many reasons, especially since our very existence was founded on the American dream of an immigrant who landed here six decades ago. We take great pride in being Americans who still make something, work with our hands, and try to help promote other companies to make things here as well.

It is also a mission of Supreme Zipper Industries to work with the youth of this country. We want to let them know there is and always will be need for people who work with their hands. Don’t get us wrong, education is important and foremost, it makes for a society of good, balanced, and tolerant people; and for those reasons it is important. In our factory and shops, machines and tools are a mainstay. Computers can take what we do so far, but the human touch is critical to what we do here. Cars will always need oil changes, houses always need to get built, and there is no good reason why we cannot work out a way to make the very things we consume right here in the USA. Let’s all try to make “Made in America” mean what it used to!