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Supreme Zipper Services>Zipper Education

Zipper Education

This may sound strange, but we actually offer a service we do not charge for, most of the time anyway. If you call Supreme Zipper Industries, we will literally spend as much time as necessary to explain everything that may be unclear about zippers to you. Many times we spend time finding out what you do, how you do it, and eventually figure out what zipper best suits your needs. Along the way, you will find out things about zippers you may never have known. The idea is to let you know what is available, what we can make, and how it all fits together, from a zipper point of view anyway. We pride ourselves as being the best educated zipper company there is. We will even go up against the big boys. Their sales folks do not have the experience we do in so many facets of zippers, or for that matter, the practical and common sense approach we here at Supreme Zipper Industries apply to your zipper and slide fastener needs. We want the sale, but only if you get to fully understand the options available and make a great choice based on it.

There are times when we do charge for our input, but it is the exception more than the rule. We have been asked to actually integrate zippers into other production environments, make the zipper related portion of a manufacturing process more seamless or just easier. When the requirement is this involved, we will put together a proposal for our time and advice. For instance, one time we were asked to join zipper chain together in a certain way. It was going to be an ongoing process, so an entire production system was going to revolve around our designs. We wound up not only designing how the joining was to take place but we designed the specifications for the finished product, and even designed and had built the machines to carry out what we designed. Needless to say, this is a bit beyond what free advice can achieve, but please know we have the ability to accomplish just such things. We really are into zippers!

Then there is this website you are visiting; our ultimate method of getting the zipper word out there. We will continually be adding to this site. New sections, articles, products, and advice; all related to zippers, their use, application, and general promotion will all be on this website. It has been a long time in the making, but it will become the repository of all our knowledge related to zippers and the services we offer. Eventually all our customer contact and inventory will be tied to this website, so all our interactions will be more seamless, especially in the area of zipper education and advice.

There is a section on this website specifically devoted to zippers and everything you would ever want to know about them: Zipper University. A brief sampling of this resource is available to anyone who visits the website, with special members only parts of it offered to registered users of our website. Check back often as we will continually be adding to this unique zipper “course”.