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Supreme Zipper Services>Zipper Inventory

Zipper Inventory

Do you need a zipper? Well you have come to the right place! The inventory that Supreme Zipper Industries maintains is second to none. We have over 20,000 square feet of zippers, in stock, just waiting for you to call. This is one of our strong suites, the ability to supply folks with zippers from stock in a very short amount of time. Our inventory is very diverse, as long as what you need is related to zippers, that is. Don’t call us if you need buttons, thread, or any other trim items though, we will not have it. Our inventory is devoted to finished zippers, zipper chain, sliders, pullers, top and bottom stops, and specialty packaging and other supplies related to zippers. We really pride ourselves on being the Source for all things Zipper. It is not just our tag line, it is really true. Our facility in Northeastern Pennsylvania was built big, really big, so we could house the size inventory we felt would really help our customers. That inventory is huge, with zippers of all kinds at the ready for immediate shipment.

Finished Zippers

Finished zippers are a mainstay when it comes to what we sell. These are the prefinished, pre-sized zippers most folks think of when they look for a slide fastener. We have them in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors for many uses right on our shelves. Everything from small nylon Closed End zippers for garments, to huge #10 plastic Separators for boat covers, we have all of them in stock.

Zipper Chain

If what you need is the zipper chain that makes up a zipper for use in projects that could better benefit from that type of material, we have millions of yards of that in stock too. From the most common nylons to the most exotic metals, we have zipper chains by the yard to fit the bill, in more colors than you could imagine. We even have specialty zipper chains that are extra wide for special applications like portfolios and cases, making their construction easier by eliminating extra sewing and components. We have extra small nylon zipper chains for unobtrusive applications. We even have zipper chains that allow for two sliders to be mounted in opposite directions, true Two Way zipper chain.


Then there are the all important sliders; what good would zipper chain be without these little gems. Our inventory of course consists of millions upon millions of these little beauties. If you can think of a function or design for a slider, we probably have something in stock close to what you want. For the upholstery businesses out there we have the trusty Pin Lock slider for nylon zipper chain. For you boat cover people, we have the Double Pull Auto Lock for plastic zipper chain. Don’t worry you handbag people, we have more Non Lock Ring sliders for metal zipper chain than you could shake a stick at. Auto Locks for jackets, Notch Locks for luggage, Padlock accepting sliders, or sliders with no pullers at all, we have them in tons of colors and finishes for any application. We even have them made out of different materials, from die cast zinc to brass, from plastic to plated steel.



Let’s not forget those all important, but almost always overlooked zipper components, the stop twins (fraternal of course), Top and Bottom. These are the little unobtrusive parts of a zipper that are at the top and bottom of the zipper chain that literally stop the slider from going too far when opened or closed. Don’t think there are only a few choices here; we have millions of these at our place as well. Top stops made of aluminum and brass, nickel and steel; bottom stops with three prongs or four, crimp on or bend on, they all have a place in our warehouse. There are the common U-Type top stops and pronged bottom stops, and then there is the half X-type or H-type top and bottom stops used on more expensive zippers. We have them all; in many different finishes to match whatever you plan to put them on. They are available in small bags, large bags, or even cases if you are really ambitious. But the important thing to remember is that we have them in stock whenever you need them.


One of the last things we have in our inventory are the items needed to package finished zippers, zipper chain, and sliders as well as all the little items related to zippers that no one ever thinks of (most likely because they do not know they exist). Finished zippers come in poly bags a lot of times these days, but we still use the old fashioned zipper boxes for some zippers we make. Sometimes folks like to use these boxes for stocking zippers in their place, so we sell them as needed to our customers. We use a few sizes of special spools for packaging zipper chains, we have been asked for them by some folks, so we sell them when someone needs. The small poly bags for sliders, we have them, just ask. Then there are the more obscure items that we carry. Do you have a sticky zipper situation, give us a call for some zipper lubrication; we have a few options to get that zipper moving right along. It you need repair parts for a slider, or that funky little piece between the slider and the puller, give us a call, we have those too.

Always remember that the Supreme Zipper Industries gigantic inventory is at the ready when you need it. Just drop us a line, give us a call, or stop by to get what you may need, right away!