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Check out our Killer Website

Check out our Killer Website


Supreme Zipper Industries Launches Website

By: The Chief Zipper Guy

January 1, 2011

It was a LONG time in the making, but Supreme Zipper Industries has launched phase one of its website today. This very comprehensive site is the beginning of what will become a total source of information and products, all about zippers; their parts, pieces, and everything else related to them.

Phase one is the static site; we wanted to do it right, so these first fifty some odd pages are a healthy taste of things to come. Among them you can find out exactly what we do here at Supreme Zipper Industries, some history of the zipper, lots of material related to zipper education on these little beauties, as well as some fun stuff for you to enjoy. There will also be information on what we sell, very important of course, with some specials listed for you to take advantage of right away.

Also in phase one is a way for you to register on the site to take full advantage of some of the more in depth offerings we have for download. By joining us on our site and becoming part of our family, registered users will also benefit from updates about products, events, and news from within our company.

Phase two will be our online selling presence, tied to our internal systems, allowing purchases directly on the site. Give us a bit of time to make sure that all works perfectly before we open the store up!

So go and explore the place, see what it is all about, what we can do for your zippers and slide fastener needs, and generally to get to know us better.

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